Frequently asked questions.

How does Architopia determine building cost estimates?

We've designed our building cost estimates to account for all costs during the building process (including GST), as best we can. They are based on real world examples; ie, customers that have already built Architopia homes. This data is cross-referenced with current builders pricing to create an accurate up to date price range. It's an approach which we find provides a more realistic and honest expectation for Architopia clients, Australia wide.

In our experience, common items that can unexpectedly affect the building cost are; local planning conditions, market demand, and site specific complexities including size, slope, quality, or substance. These are outlined in our Terms & Conditions which you can read here.

We've designed our homes to be as cost effective to build as possible. Our clients have achieved excellent results within the price ranges listed on our website. When you purchase one of our architectural packages you’ll also receive options to 'up spec’ or 'down spec' the home depending on your budget - for example; a premium cladding option or standard cladding option.

To provide a specific example, the L Shape House is listed on our website with an estimated build price from $343,000. An Architopia client recently built this house (2020/21) in regional Victoria for $360,000 which included everything (site works, engineering, and all other administrative costs). It was built on time, and on budget. This is just one example of many.

Are you registered architects?

Yes. Architopia is an architectural company registered with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV). Architopia is also a member of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), the peak body for Architecture in Australia.

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Is Architopia right for me?

At Architopia, we categorise ourselves as an Architectural Design Only Service. Our experienced architecture and interior design team are registered with the Australian Institute of Architects and all other relevant industry bodies. For most Australians, Architopia represents exceptional value and service.

However, unlike in a typical Client Architect Agreement (CAA2019), Architopia does not act as an agent to the client in realising a custom design after a specific brief has been received. Put simply, we don’t create custom house design for individual clients. This is how we keep our designs affordable and accessible for more Australians.

What does this all mean? If you have an abundance of time and money, or you have a difficult site (block of land), you should engage an architect to work with you from pre-design, through administration, until project completion. You will generally get fantastic results and we wish you all the best.

But, if your budget is closer to $250,000 than $1,000,000 - we're probably a great fit for you!

How much money will an Architopia design save me on my energy bill?

On average, our customers save approximately $1,650 per year on energy costs. Some customers have upgraded from old inefficient homes, others from new mass produced homes that should have been energy efficient but simply were not. By the way, that saving adds up to a whopping $49,500 over the life of a 30 year mortgage - a substantial saving. Doing good for the environment also means doing good for your wallet!

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I like a design but want to change a few things. Can I?

Absolutely. We've designed our homes to be as adaptable as possible but we also understand that you may want to customise one of our designs slightly to suit your needs.

Will Architopia customise a design for me?

Yes, absolutely. Our 'Consult' package includes 2 x architect / interior design consultations and 2 x rounds of design revisions. You can see our full list of pricing and inclusions here.

Do your packages include engineering?

Engineering and other site specific reports vary depending on the circumstances and location of where you are building - which is why we don't offer this as part of our service. The good news is that you'll have comprehensive architectural plans from Architopia, so it should be a straight forward process which your builder can help guide you through.

Click here to read our blog post about an Architopia customer's experience obtaining these documents.

What's stopping me from copying a design from your website and taking it to a draftsperson?

Honestly, nothing. Sure, you could spend over $10,000 and countless hours with a draftsperson trying to copy one of our designs - and miss important details along the way. Or, you could click add to cart right now, pay one low flat fee, and instantly get everything you need. Choosing Architopia will save you time, money, and deliver better results.

Fair enough, show me your house designs.

After I purchase a design, what should I do next?

Most likely, it's time to connect with a builder who will be able to help guide you through the process from here on. We recommend getting multiple quotes and meeting with multiple builders to find the best fit for you. A good builder will also be able to help you obtain any other required documentation (this will vary depending on your location and circumstances).

We’ve created a detailed step-by-step guide on what to do next. Read it here.

Who are you?!

Ha, fair question. We're a small group of friends getting frustrated with the lack of truly affordable and environmentally responsible new housing options available for most Australians. So instead of complaining, we decided to do something about it. We met while studying architecture at university in Melbourne (a long time ago!) and have since worked at a range of award winning architecture and design studios both in Australia and overseas. Want to know more about us? Just ask - we're happy to chat.

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Still have questions?

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